Thursday, 1 August 2013

What's on my wish list? Well...

At the moment, I seriously can't get enough of Miss Selfridge and Topshop - but I wouldn't dare to go in there right now, not after paying for my rent and internet and such. The life of a poor student... But anyway, I won't ramble on about that! I am obsessed with dresses, like obsessed. Pretty much any piece of clothing that I buy is a dress or a skirt. My whole wardrobe is pretty much filled with dresses, but yet I still feel the need to go and buy more.

The things that I've found here, I've been after for a while now. The Miss Selfridge dress on the right hand side is probably the thing I want the most right now. It's so nice and I can see it twirling with me as I spin around in happiness (I do that a lot when I've got/am trying on a new dress that I've just bought). The satchel that I found in Topshop would be great too! I used to have one, but only after a few uses, it decided to break. I suppose you get what you pay for, and I didn't exactly pay much for it. But it was so handy, just the right size and could fit everything in it that I had in my bag, which is a lot!

I'm also really into the colour red at the moment. I've never really owned a lot of red in my wardrobe until now. My favourite colour is purple and at one stage in my life, I was obsessed with it - so much so, that pretty much everyday, I would wear something that at least has a hint of purple in it. I say that whilst painting my nails purple...

The Paige Joanna headband I've also been after since I bought my blue one from her. The pink one would be a great addition to my wardrobe as I seem to have a lot of pink things and it would just fit perfectly!

What are you looking forward to buying on payday?

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