Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Windswept and Interesting.

Dolly's Tea Room
I love bunting so much! Especially in an array of colours!

As of this week, I am back in Cornwall for a few days with the boyfriend. Yesterday, when we arrived, it was lovely and sunny, but here in Cornwall, the weather is always tempermental. Because of this, even though we had a great time walking round idyllic Falmouth, the rain did get us down a bit. The photos that I took today, were taken on my phone as opposed to Mark's fancy camera, but with a bit of editing, they still came out well! (And were only really taken of the harbour).

We were going to try and have a small lunch in Dolly's Tea Room, but it was sadly closed as we arrived, so good old Wetherspoons it was. We had a quick look around Falmouth before heading off to Truro for the rest of the day.

The rest of the evening was rounded off by having a few members of the family come round for a good old chat. There was lots of laughter and my family got to meet my boyfriend for the first time too! Although, I'm not quite sure if they scared him off or not.


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