Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Not your average Tea Party.

Sorry for the late Halloween post, I've just been busy with a Graphics deadline that I finally got out of the way earlier on today. Anyway, a few days ago, we had a non-traditional tea party at our house as opposed to going out and getting wasted.

Sarah and I invited a few friends round to have a bit of food and play some games and just chill out and enjoy the company that we had. We played hide and seek in the dark and during one round, one of my friends decided to make it harder on himself by playing with a blindfold - bit of a silly idea really as he bumped into walls a fair amount!

The few extra photos are some that I took whilst I was out in Bath with Sarah exploring. I've been meaning to upload them for a while now as Sarah is so photogenic.

What did you guys get up to?



  1. Cool!!


  2. cute photos! makes me so hungry haha


  3. Awww babes you flatter me :P


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