Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bristol Fashion Week

Last week, I ventured out to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol for Bristol Fashion Week. I managed to get some tickets for a talk that was happening there called "So you think you want to work in Fashion?" and I'm so glad I went. I've been wanting to go to #BFW for a long time, as well as London Fashion Week (which I'm hoping to go to in the near future), and seeing as there was a talk that I thought was relevant to my future, I jumped at the chance.

Getting to Cribbs Causeway itself was a bit of a mission as neither the boyfriend, nor myself, had ever been before. We jumped on the train from Bath to Bristol Parkway, and from there we were meant to get the 319 bus, but we got one that turned up earlier than planned and it took us all around the houses. We only just made it in time to the event as we almost couldn't find the tent at one point. Regardless, it was such a good talk, and has inspired me to keep on going with my future plans.

The talk lasted an hour, and the guest speakers were from a variety of background. There was a designer that had worked for the greats such as Alexander McQueen and Chanel; a lady that was the style editior of Cosmopoliton; a lady that built her own business from scratch; a buyer for Autograph for Marks & Spencer, the manager of John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway; and Mark Heyes, stylist on Lorraine (ITV).

There was a networking event afterwards if you had any more questions that you wanted answering, you could chat to the guest speakers, but by the time I'd come from university and travelled to #BFW, I was so tired and in need of food, so I gave it a miss. Luckily, all of my questions had been answered in the talk so hopefully I didn't miss out on much.

I also managed to get tickets to see one of the catwalks before we headed back to Bath. Mark Heyes presented the event along with Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea, and again, it lasted an hour. Before it started, we were given non-alcoholic cocktails, courtesy of Marks and Spencer, as well as a few nibbles.

Throughout the catwalk event, there were different themes for each set of clothes that were being displayed. There were brands such as Jack Wills, Clarks and Gap, and each 'performance' was different - a different set of dance moves and models, as well as music and clothing.

All in all a good event, even if I didn't get the pictures I wanted because I was sat near the back of the tent. I would definitely do it again, but I would try and get better seats and maybe even make it to a different location, such as London!

Before I end this post, I must say that although these photos are on my blog, I will be using them as part of my research for a current university project so there aren't any plagarism issues. I intended for these to be used for my project, but I thought you guys would like a look too!

Do you plan on going to next season's fashion week?


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