Friday, 17 April 2015

Date Day

The boyfriend and I have been so busy recently that we haven't been able to spend much time with each other, so we set up a date day. We started off by walking along the river path from our house, leading all the way into town, where we quickly visited Sarah about some exciting news (more about that soon!), then wondering around the shops before heading for food.

One of my favourite places to eat in Bath has to be Grillstock. When I first went for a meal there, I didn't expect to like it at all, and because I'm a fussy eater too, I also didn't think I would find something I like. But, oh my gosh, it serves such good food! If you are ever in Bath, or Bristol for that matter, I would definitely recommend. It's not a place for veggies unfortunately, but it's such quick service and pretty cheap too. It's set in the Vaults in Bath, next to the train station, so the place already has a bit of an eery look and feel to it. But on the inside is a denim sofa made from shorts and jeans and 'hillbilly' posters all around.

After stuffing our faces with food, we decided on a trip to Alexandra Park. I'd been looking around online about different places to explore in Bath, as I don't seem to go anywhere other than the usual string of places, so we thought it would be something different. I want to do the Bath Skyline tour at some point before I graduate, but at the moment, I have so much work to do. You may just have to keep watching this space!

It turns out that Alexandra Park is actually quite hard to get to (in terms of walking). It's guarded by a HUGE amount of steps that lead all the way up to the edge of the park, which of course, the boy and I didn't know about before encountering it. If we had known about the steps, we would have found another way into the park. If you happen to be around and want to go and have a look around this park, I would definitely recommend taking a car and driving - so much quicker and easier. Unless you want to climb up the steps. They're pretty tricky on the way back down too. However, once you're up those steps, it's worth it. The view from the park is amazing! You can see the whole of Bath.

I never knew that these types of houses existed in Bath! They almost look like they belong in America. They are incredibly pretty though.


At some point ( I don't know why), I thought it would be a good idea to throw a stick. Cue, action shot.

As mentioned previously, there is a crazy amount of steps to climb to get to this park and the image above shows this. The steps in some places don't have a rail on the side to help you up, or down and so it can be a bit tricky, so you need to be careful. Some of them are also a LOT bigger than others; it's actually a massive work out. We rounded off the day by walking back into town and picking up a bit of shopping for ourselves.

Are there any interesting parks near you?


  1. Mark is the king of that camera! It is capable of behaving itself :P I love the shot of the blossom with just your head poking up from the bottom :P xxx

    1. Haha awhh thanks babs. I was like "mark, take it from here upwards". xxx


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