Thursday, 9 April 2015

Fairground Fun

After a bit of a rubbish start, I thought today was going to be a bad day, but it actually turned out to be the opposite. Sarah and I started off at university, trying to do work and after about 2 hours there, we were both losing focus and hunger was starting to get to us, so we headed home and decided to take a stroll in the sunshine to Royal Victoria Park.

At the moment, the funfair is in Victoria Park, attracting all the locals. Sarah had been wanting to go to the fair since we'd seen the posters for them and today was the perfect opportunity as the sun was shining - so much that it almost felt like a summers day. George joined us as well, as a small distraction from university work and also because he's headed home at the weekend for a few days. He brought along his new toy(s) of which are two (what I like to call) mini skateboards - see the images below. Whilst Sarah and are were wondering around the fair, George would be off skating somewhere around the park.

Action shot of George with his new toy!
Whilst at the fair, George and Sarah had a game of darts to try and win a prize. Needless to say, we didn't win. But it was good fun. We also had candyfloss and turned my fingers sugary and pink, as well as burgers and chips from the local burger van (had to be done!).

We came across a few balloons being set off from the park too! It was a lovely surprise for me as I had never seen one set off before from the ground, I had only ever seen it from my window. If you happen to live in Bath, you will always see a hot air balloon somewhere in the sky, and at the height of summer, there's a balloon festival in Bristol which I've heard is great. I haven't been yet but 'm hoping to this summer. 


Just have to say that I love this photo of us! 
Sarah had to help me out with these photos of me. Unfortunately, we just couldn't figure out my boyfriend's camera and so she took the photos of me (and us) on her camera, hence why the quality is better.

On the way home, we watched George narrowly avoid cars driving through the park whilst he was skateboarding and grabbed food for the walk home.

How have you spent the day in the sun?


  1. LOVE your dress, such a gorgeous print!

    My best friend lives in Bristol so I've been to the Balloon Fiesta (I think that's what it's called?) a few times and absolutely love it, I'd definitely recommend it! x

    1. Thankyou! :) I'm deffo gunna try and go this year. It's something I really want to do. x

  2. Aww I haven't been to a fair ground in years! I need to go :-)
    Alex //

    1. Yes, you should. Everyone should go to the fair at least like once. Treat yourself to candy floss :P x


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