Thursday, 11 June 2015

Up, up and away.

After a full day at work, the boyfriend and I decided on relaxing in the park, whilst taking photos of course! We wondered from the Royal Crescent, through Victoria Park, taking in the scenery and also taking a few pics of me styling this month's Crown and Glory Glitterati item. 

This months theme was a tropical/tiki kind of theme, featuring my watermelon headband, as well as a couple of lovely flowery bobby pins and a lovely orchid hair clip. Every month, my best friend and I get to a style a couple of the pieces for the secret C&G Facebook group, to show the ladies in there tips and inspiration for how to use their products. I chose the Glitter Fruit Slice (Watermelon headband) this month as it was the one that caught my eye the most, plus, it's something completely different to what I'd normally wear.


I don't generally spend that much time in Victoria Park - I usually go through it on the way to university, but now that its over, I've no real reason to go there. I'm so glad that I could just relax there a few days ago as it's such a lovely (and massive) park and there's absolutely loads of places within it to explore too.

Recently, I purchased this lovely Miss Patina skirt, that I actually found in Topshop. I was looking around in there one day and happened to come across it - I'd been after it for such a long time, that I knew if I didn't get it then and there, that I would probably regret it and my size would be gone. It's so lovely and I'm very glad I bought it. I"m getting to that age now where I think everything is too short, and this is amazing in comparison, plus, it moves and twirls in the wind when I do. It is a tad on the small side, so I got the next size up just for more comfort.

I paired my skirt with a denim jacket and a crop top, although I would like to get a different coloured top other than grey. But you could easily wear it with a lot of different things. Plus, it's got balloons all over it! 

Have you bought anything worth recommending recently?


  1. You look fab in these pics lovely and that skirt is absolutely beautiful. When I've lost some weight I am hoping there is something as cute as this around it's gorgeous!
    Victoria Park is one of my favourite places in Bath for a summer day.

    1. You're too kind - thank you! :) it's such a gorgeous skirt. I love Victoria park, I just need to spend more time there! Do you know of any other nice spots in Bath? xo


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