Friday, 8 January 2016

New year, new me.

"New year, new me". This is probably a phrase that everybody says to themselves when a new year starts, but this year, I actually want it to be true. I've been thinking a lot about what has happened in the last year, some good (graduating, moving into my own flat etc) and some bad, but I feel like I really need to concentrate more on myself this year. I want to feel better about myself and grow more as a person.

One of my goals for concentrating on myself more this year is to do more of what I love and what makes me happy : adventures. I love to go out on adventures and exploring new places. To be honest, I just love to go outside. I can't stand staying inside all day long as it drives me crazy - I always have to be doing something, otherwise I just feel lazy and that I haven't accomplished anything for the day. However, when I am stuck inside for the day, I like to take photos (as you can see below). Here's a few snippets of my flat.

P.S. if you didn't already know; I love Gossip Girl and all of the Zoella products!

Woodland bedding - Asda | Houses bedding - Asda | Candles - Yankee Candle | Zoella goodies - Superdrug | Blair Waldorf Print - Lily Rose Co

The next is to improve on my photography skills. I love to take photos, whether it be a quick snap on my iPhone for instagram, or using my DSLR, I always feel like I should document my adventures so that I can look back on them in the future. However, although I love to take photos, I have much to learn. I want to get better at editing photos especially - I know how to use photoshop and lightroom, but I still feel like to I need to improve so that I can get the absolute best photos that I want.

Which leads me on to blogging. Blogging is becoming more of an interest for me and I really want to be able to take it further. Although I have a bit of a busy schedule (working two jobs can be a bit crazy sometimes), I'm going to make it my mission to blog more! I have a few ideas for some blog posts coming soon - I just hope that I can find not only the motivation to keep this going, but also the time, Time can limit me a lot and I feel like I have less and less of it each day, but I will carry on and I will make the time for my blog.

Do you have any new year goals?



  1. I think your photos look great already! Photography is something I'd like to work on too, and I also want to be able to blog more often :)
    Jessica x
    Cruelty Free Cottage

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