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  1. Hey Girl! I love your blog it is so inspiring to me, you fit into everything that i want to be doing!! like its so crazy to say.. that I am In love with art, it is one of my biggest passions and more specifically drawing and my specialty painting. I go to Fashion School at the moment its called John Casablancas Institue which carries, illustration, Marketing, Retailling, Elements of Design, Textiles Etc. Everything from the Buisness to Arts in fashion. Ive also had second thoughts about becoming a Graphic Designer or getting into Marketing(minus the math), which i found so crazy that you graduated from Graphic Communications and that you linked it to Illustration,I would of never knew! because its everything combined (i honestly didn't know graphic communications excisted till now) so Its so interesting to me, that you can link all of them together! for quite a while i've been stressing out, what to take next year because i want to go to university but its so hard picking out ONE specific course, so i would like to know how you got there, and what experience you got from it, It would mean a lot to me! Please if you could shout me an email back, I would love to set up a time to talk about your career work and some future advice :)

    I look forward on hearing from you!

    -Chantelle Normoyle


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